Our Pennock City Officials:

Kevin Crowley, Dawn Johnson, Bruce Bastin, Jeff Arends, Dave Miller and Karen Skaggs

Mayor: Kevin Crowley - Married to Melanie - 4 children, Matthew, Alicia, Ryan and Evan. Kevin moved to Pennock in May 1983. Kevin works for Heritage Bank NA & Pioneer Heritage Insurance for 28 years. Melanie is a Parish Nurse with Our Redeemer Lutheran Church in Benson. Kevin was elected to the City Council in 1986 and was elected as Mayor in 1998. He enjoys working with the city and its many different activities. Over the years he has seen many new projects for the City and looks forward to working on future projects to help improve our city and to help it grow. 

Council Member: Karen Skaggs

Council Member: Bruce Bastin

Council Member: Jeff Arends – Jeff enjoys being able to serve the city and try to make Pennock a growing community. Jeff has also been a member of the Pennock Fire department and First Responders.  He has lived in the Pennock area all his life and enjoys living in Pennock and serving in the community and looks forward to helping the city grow in the opportunity.

Council Member:  Dave Miller

City Administrator/Clerk-Treasurer: Dawn Johnson - Married to Mark Johnson - 3 children - Brianna, Cassandra and Derik. Dawn was appointed City Clerk in June of 2007 and Mark works for D & D Ag Supply and Construction as the Crew Foreman in Pennock. Dawn and Mark and son live 7 miles southwest of Willmar. Dawn enjoys working for the City and working with the Council. She enjoys meeting the residents and is willing to help make the City an enjoyable place to live.